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Message from President

JALSAN is an association of Japanese Language promoter’s schools, non-profitable and non-government organization.

It helps Japanese language school to be organized in one umbrella share ideas, listen member’s schools’ problems, and assist to short them out.

It observes the Japan study activities and alert students about wrong information directly and indirectly.

JALSAN plays the vital role in order to promote Japanese language, Japanese culture and Japan study throughout Japan Education Fair, Speech Contest, Culture Exchange Programme, Library Programme, Teacher Training Programme and Counseling Training Programmer etc.

As it is non-profitable organization it always realizes social responsibilities and contributes throughout different social activities. Therefore any school and institution who is involved on Japan Education can be a member fulfilling JALSAN’s requirement.

The essential role of JALSAN, to make good relationship with different organization which are in Nepal and Japan for being a strong association and develop harmony relationship between Nepal and Japan.



Jhamaklal Shrestha

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